Different Nail Shapes

By: Bnails - August 22, 2019

So many choices!

The nail fashion world is getting broad and broad every good day with different types of interesting nail shapes, polish arts, and styles. While we can sit down and count about 15 nail shapes in the fashion world, here are six nail shapes still stand out and remain the most common nail shapes hitherto. These nail shapes have proven themselves worthy, not only because of their durability, but also their simple and charming look. They have come to the position of the conventional nail shapes because of their simple and elegant look.

Why nail shapes?

So much we talk about the amazing effect of nail color and its correlation with the skin tones. It’s important you make yourself acquitted to some of the most popular nail shapes. We have and the ones that go in line with your nail size and shapes. It is also important you know some of these nail shapes also have their distinct nail polish which works together for perfection of the nail adornment.

Six most common nail shapes:

  • Round nail shape: Round nail shape seems to be the most popular nail shape, and it never disappoints its fans, especially people with narrow nail beds. This simple silhouette nail is very easy to maintain at home, which makes it the choice of people who don’t like going to the salon often. Its soft round appearance makes it looks cool on any nail polish.


  • Square nail shape: Square nail shape, just like round shapes, is very easy to manage and maintain because of its impressive subtle widening effect, which makes it less prone to nail break. This classical nail shape features straight edges and a squared-off tip, which makes it, looks charming on short nails. As for color, you can always consider bright, bold, or high-shine polish.

Square Shape


  •  Almond nail shape: is classically slim and tapers toward the end of the nail. It has a rounded tip, which makes it looks lovely on long nails. Almond nails also look cool on slandering wide fingers and make it look slimmer than it is originally. In the aspect of color, almond nail appears more stunning with neutral or nude polishes. You can also consider some exciting nail arts.

almond shape


  • Stiletto nails: They are really pointy. That’s part of their appeal. Like stiletto heels, they’re fierce, they stand out, and they command attention. They don’t even need a lot of polish or nail art to stand out, although they’re even more dramatic that way.

  • Squoval shape: Squoval or otherwise call square-oval nail shape is the combination of square nail style and oval nail style.This tip of the nail will be square while the edges will bend as in oval nail shape.

  • Coffin Shape: or ballerina “point shoe” nails. This have a flat top and straight sides that slope inward, just like their namesake. They’re kind of strange. They’re definitely cool. And we just might be ready to bury ourselves in this look for all of eternity.


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