9 amazing ways to make your manicure last longer

By: admin - June 12, 2019

9 amazing ways to make your manicure last longer

Seeing you stepping out of your house with your face glittering with all assorted of smiles always steals my attention. You look beautiful no doubt – and when you extend your wonderful hand for a handshakes put my mind in awe. The manicure is just too awesome. I love it, and I know you love it too. But then, has it ever come you on how to make this gorgeous manicure last longer?

Here are exciting and fantastic ways to make your manicure last longer.

Here are those steps you can take to make your manicure last :

  1. Polish will last on dried nails

    : It is always advisable to avoid water before getting your nail polished, because the water can make your nail to retain its moisture and expand. This means, allowing water to remain on your nails will make your nails dehydrated and shrink, and the nail polish will not fit in properly.manicure that lats

  2. Use white vinegar/salon alcohol before applying basecoat

    : Wipe away pesky oil or product build-ups from your nails with white vinegar/ salon alcohol before applying polish. This oil or build-up can serve as an obstacle between your nails and the polish which can obstruct from applying properly.manicure that lasts

  3. Give those nails perfect shapes

    : Put your nails in their perfect shapes by filling them properly. Try and avoid buffing back and forth to prevent breakage or tearing.manicure that lasts

  4. Roll it – don’t shake it:

    perhaps you haven’t used your nail polish recently, roll the polish bottle between your hands. Avoid shaking the bottle because this can create air bubbles in the formula which wouldn’t help the manicure.manicure that lasts

  5. Give it time to dry:

    Using topcoats to fast dry your manicure is not healthy for your manicure. This tends to evaporate fast and left your polish soft and make it prone to bumps. Instead, give it enough time to dry manually. Your nail polish should be applied professionally. Highly trained technician will know exactly the amount of each coat to put on. They know when to apply the next coat . You are assured your good looking nails will last.manicure that lasts

  6. Hydrate your nails with oil:

    Just like you moisturize skin with body cream, hydrating your nail polish with oil will go a long way to make the manicure look fresh and beautiful just as it looks when you just finished the manicure. This also protects it from enamel from drying out and prevent the polish from separating.

  7. Avoid alcohol products:

    try and avoid product with alcohol substances like some scented lotions and sanitizers from touching your nail polish. The alcohol content in these products can eat up your polish and make it fade away faster.

  8. Use rubberized base cost

    : Good rubberized base cost will go a long way to elongate the lifespan of your manicure.

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manicure that lasts
  1. Seal the edges:

    Chipping often starts from the tip of your fingers. Seal up the edges of your fingers by focusing more at the fits of your fingers when applying your top coat.

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