make your pedicure lasts longer ? Here is a few simple steps

By: admin - May 5, 2019

 Want to make your pedicure last longer ?

I know you love how your toes shine anytime you step out of the house and get everyone eyes gaze at your toes.  The radiant at the edge of your toes and the glow that lieth beneath. I admire it too. But have thought of how to maintain this amazing pedicure and make it last long, long enough to reach its prime? Here are simple and interesting tips to make your pedicure lasts long.  

Here is step you can take :

  1. Give the polish time to set: Anytime you are planning your pedicure; always try and schedule it in a time whereby you will be free and wouldn’t have to go from one place to another. Pedicure needs about two hours to be set. Relax on the sofa and give the adoring polish some time.
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  1. Top up the top coat: One of the best means to make your pedicure last longer is to top up your top coat every 6 to 10 days. This will not only give it a radiant look but also keeps the nail edges from raising prematurely. Here is a few tips for you,  you don’t need to apply too many layers on top of polish. This can make the polish chip and come off.
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  1. Hydrate your nails with cuticles oil: People often think cuticle care is only for freshly manicured fingernails. This is however not always the case. Cuticles oil are always great to make your nails hydrated and make it look wonderful ever. Apply cuticle oil every 2 to 3 days to prevent your cuticles from drying out.
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  1. Wear socks and slipper when you are indoor: I understand you might not be the type, who likes wearing socks or slippers while perambulating or lounging around the house. However, wearing a pair of soft sock to keep your pedicure last longer wouldn’t do you any harm.
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5.Be careful of water: It often seems like your polish is dry after just one to two hours of doing your pedicure. Nail polish will take up to 20 hours to dry completely. This means you should be careful of dealing with anything water – especially hot or steam water about 12 to 24 hours after completing your pedicure

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6.Maintain the same polish: You might think you wouldn’t need to make any fixes to your pedicure; But some chips will always come up which you will need to patch up. Using different types of polish will not help your pedicure. Instead, consider noting the name of the polish you choose before leaving you saloon. You can snap this or write the name down.

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7. You should drink more water: Water is said to help the body to be more hydrated and keep your skin and cuticles soft. It also helps your nails to be healthy and strong as they can be. So drink up as much water as you can

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