By: Mona Mặp - January 15, 2018

Apolice force has been criticised on social media after officers wore nail varnish as part of a campaign to highlight modern day slavery.

Avon & Somerset police relaxed its dress code rules for Anti-Slavery Day to highlight that many victims of the crime are working in nail salons.

They shared images on social media of officers sporting colourful nail varnish using the hashtag #LetsNailIt, linking to an article about human trafficking.

However, the campaign was met with a social media backlash, with one user calling it an “epic fail”, adding: “You could just point out the facts in numbers.”

Another wrote: “You’re there to police the community not post vacuous, grandstanding publicity stunts on social media. You’re actually just alienating people.”

We’ve bent uniform rules to let officers paint their nails in support of ACC Nikki Watson chose neon yellow ☺️?

“How does wearing nail polish ‘raise awareness’?” said another tweet. “Just another silly social media stunt making light of a serious issue.”

“How about nailing some criminals, more PC nonsense,” ​wrote Lester Solway.

The police force said it was “disappointed” with comments and said if anyone found their response offensive to report it to Twitter.