What are Shellac/Gel nails

By: Vu bui - July 3, 2019

Shellac is the brand name for a new, patent pending nail product. It is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, half gel. The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nails (no sculpting or filing). It is cured through UV lighting, just like Gels.shellac/gel nails

How long does Shellac/Gel nails last?

We often get asked this question, How long does shellac/gel nails last. We at Bnails guarantee a two-week period, but it can last almost a whole month. Yes a Month! Isn’t that some exciting news?

What is the removal process?

Natural nail:
  • Gently buff the top coat
  • Soak the nail with gel remover
  • Scrape the access shellac off
Acyclic nail:
  • File off with electric file

What should Shellac nails cost?

Meanwhile, a Shellac manicure, for example, will cost about $30. Figuring that the basic manicure lasts three days, that’s a cost of about $6.79 per day, while a 14-day Shellac manicure costs about $2.35 per day.

shellac/gel nails

Natural Nail Prep

  • Shape your nails with a nail file.
  • Push back your cuticles.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands.
  • Clean nail plate and remove excess oils.

Shellac UV Base Coat Application

  • Apply one thin layer of Shellac Base Coat.
  • Cure under a UV lamp for 10 seconds.

 Shellac UV Color coat application

  • Apply one thin coat of Shellac Color.
  • Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • Apply a second coat of Shellac Color.
  • Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes.

 Shellac UV Top Coat Application

  • Apply one thin layer of  Shellac UV Top Coat.
  • Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • Remove top film with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Apply cuticle oil to all fingers.

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