What colors go well with dark skin tones?

By: Bnails - August 29, 2019

Knowing the best nail polish colors that complement your skin tone.
Manicure and pedicure remain one of the fashion strings you shouldn’t mess up with when it comes to the fashion world. There are several types of nail polish, available in different colors and styles to give your hands that adoring look. However, you need to be careful not to get it missed up by applying any type of nail polish you find around you.

Nail polish, just like other cosmetic, is specially tailored for different skin tones. Choosing your nail polish based on preference or outfit is not really an excellent idea, as you can mistakenly get everything mixed up. Some nail polish colors will glorify a light skin tone but do the opposite for dark skin. Likewise, there are amazing nail polishes that will adore a dark skin person but mars someone with olive skin color. In order to ensure you do not get this wrong, we at Bnails have taken it as our duty to select the best nail
polish color for dark skin people. 

There is a popular opinion in the fashion world that the darker your skin tone, the wider the variety of colors you can wear. This opinion is correct, and it is also applicable when it comes to choosing the best nail polish color for dark skins. Dark skin tone is one the most beautiful and charming skin color out there, and one of the best ways to compliment it is to wear nail polish with a punch of high impact colors.

This means you don’t have to stick to a particular nail shade because of the fear of getting it wrong. There are several adoring nail polish designed specially for dark skin people, and all you need to do is to
play along and catch the fun.

Here are Five colors that will suit dark skin tones:
  • Red: Red is one of the universal nail polish color dark skin people can never get wrong. This deep color has its unique way of standing you out and make those beautiful fingers more charming.
  • Nude polish: Light nude polish is one of the best nail colors for people with dark skin. This elegant color,
    especially beige and cream shades, will definitely make your fingers look more charming.
  • Bright pink: Please never make the mistake of using light pink nail polish. Go for bright pink!
  • Purple: Either light or dark purple, this nail polish will definitely do the magic. It complements and
    adores our skin.
  • Blue: People with dark skin tone can also give a light or dark blue nail polish color trial. However, if you are going for light blue, be careful and let it be too white. However, you can go more detail if you
    choose navy blue, instead of cobalt which will give you that perfect skin tone complement you have been looking for. As a matter of fact, navy blue is said to go well with all skin tones.

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