What is the best way to keep your heels smooth? Foot Files.

By: Vu bui - June 21, 2019

When getting a foot pedicure there are several foot files, foot wands, and pedicure wraps. All this materials can be used at some point.

This tools are used to smooth away calluses and hard dry skin on the heels or soles of the feet.

They come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular ones come with a coarse (80 grit) surface and medium (120 grit) work surface.

Types of Foot Files

  1. Coarse grater:

    Have a metal ‘grater’ type surface and are generally coarser  than sandpaper types.
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  2. The sand paper: The sand will not drop when polishing / cleaning on the callus.
  3. Pumice stone:

    Antibacterial solution safe, comfortable gripping, gentle exfoliating.

Most Podiatrists do not like patients using the metal ‘scraper’ foot file.  Because they can be quite abrasive and can leave the skin red and raw. However, make sure the foot has been soaked long enough to make the callous super soft.

You need to be extremely careful if you have circulatory issues or diabetes. Please NEVER use the metal scrapers on yourself, as a result, may risk of giving yourself a nasty cut or something much worse.

What is the Best Foot File?

The best foot files on the market are the wooden or plastic handled pedicure wands as mentioned above. These have a sandpaper like surface that are great on minor calluses and dry skin. Leaving a superior finish after applying a good quality foot cream.

 By maintaining a regular schedule on pedicures also reduces the dry skin build up.You can schedule an appointment with our lovely staff. Come visit us at HERE

The sand paper type foot files generally seem to be the kindest on your skin and are best used when the foot is completely dry.

Cleaning Your File

It should be sufficient to run it under warm tap water and with some soap and a nail brush.