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Perfect nails: Nail places in Amarillo -Bnails salon

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  • Perfect nails: Nail places in Amarillo -Bnails salon
Perfect nails: Nail places in Amarillo -Bnails salon

Perfect nails: Nail places in Amarillo -Bnails salon

Perfect nails: the best Bnails salon

Perfect hands and feet? Rely on Bnails saloon, centers dedicated to the care and beauty of hands and feet offer targeted treatments. The treatments offered range from paraffin manicure to gel or acrylic reconstruction techniques to semi-permanent dip nails near me polish, allowing you to have perfect talons for 2-3 weeks. We have selected, in this itinerary, the centers that we consider the best in the city Nail places in Amarillo.

By Bnails salon

From the experience of over three years of Bnails saloon Cosmetics, a dip nails near me with a beauty center, which also offers a semi-permanent eyelash extension service. In an elegant location, with an essential and linear design, " Bnails saloon Nail Spa" offers a wide range of treatments for the well-being of hands and feet: manicures (from 35 $), pedicures (aesthetic and curative, from 42 $), nail reconstruction, also in USA style (120 $), semi-permanent hand polish (45 $), nail polish change (12 $). If you are comfortable with the products used during the treatments, the technical staff will advise you on the most suitable version to use at home. The autoclave system guarantees the sterilization of all tools used.

A 70 sqm center Nail places in Amarillo, where the multitude of services creates style: hair zone for cuts (35 $) and personalized colours (45 $), a make-up area where individual or group lessons and personalized make-up sessions are organized (from 50 $ ), nail Salon, where natural nails are treated, inserting the application of gel as a semi-permanent embellishment, relaxation area, where you can taste draining and detoxifying herbal teas and, finally, the aesthetic place, where you can relax by choosing from the wide range of beauty treatments for face and body. Of note: for the body, the radiofrequency with modelling action (120 $). There are also many proposals for male customers: Spa manicure for men (45 minutes, 30 $), Spa pedicure (60 minutes, 45 $), relaxing massage (60 minutes, 80 $), facial radiofrequency (60 minutes, 90 $) and body (60 minutes, 120 $), localized body radiofrequency for the belly (45 minutes, 50 $).