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What To Do With Your Nails After A Gel Pedicure Or Manicure

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  • What To Do With Your Nails After A Gel Pedicure Or Manicure
What To Do With Your Nails After A Gel Pedicure Or Manicure

What To Do With Your Nails After A Gel Pedicure Or Manicure

Before getting a gel manicure or pedicure, you had a nagging doubt. You'll want to show off your nails in the best possible light when you're out in public. So, here's a tip on how to take care of your nails after a gel manicure or pedicure.

Second, you'll want a more durable nail impervious to bacteria. Manicures and pedicures also have various health advantages, such as relieving stress, increasing circulation, and preventing breakage of the nails. However, this was just the beginning of beautifying your nails.

Since you shelled out a few dollars on your nails, you don't want them to fade, chip, or break before their anticipated lifespan is over. As a result, you'll do all your power to keep your jewels safe. What's next, then?

Wait for the nails to dry

They have a terrible beauty about them that makes them shine. Even though it is true that waiting for the nails to dry for up to three hours might be uncomfortable, this is a necessary evil. Once they've dried, you may walk away. Nail care begins with proper drying, which is the essential step.

After washing, dry hands thoroughly

Even if you get a tattoo of your favourite symbol or colour, it doesn't imply your life is over. Manicures and pedicures aren't the ends of the world. You'll need to wash, mop, and shower at home. There is a 100% chance that you will dip your nails in water regularly. After doing any task that necessitates water use, pat your nails dry with a towel to eliminate any water molecules. The gel's lifespan will be extended because of this modification. Gloves worn over the nails are also acceptable.

Make use of cuticle cream.

Massage cuticle cream into your nails to prevent dry, cracked, peeling, or bacteria-infected nails. You're guaranteed healthy, moisturized nails every time you use the cream. Additionally, a regular application of a topcoat can prevent chipping.

Sticking to a healthy diet

The health of your nails is strongly influenced by protein and genetics. They distinguish between weak and strong nails with a line. Protein and biotin-rich foods are essential to maintaining healthy nails. The best protein sources include lean poultry, cattle, pig, fish, and other high-protein foods, including beans, peas, and lentils. On the other side, keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized will require you to drink lots of water daily.

Open-toed shoes are a good choice.

After getting a pedicure, you should refrain from wearing shoes with closed toes for ten to twelve hours to avoid smearing the polish. After that time has passed, you are free to put on whatever pair of shoes you like.

Final Thoughts

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