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If you want gel nail polish but are worried about your nails, here's what you need to know. If the nail extension or application of nail supplies is performed by experienced nail technicians using standardized procedures and high-quality supplies, then gel nails do not ruin nails.

Gel manicures are an excellent alternative to long acrylic nails and easily broken store-bought nail polish. The gel polish itself is partially to blame for this. Additionally, due to the way it is applied and removed.

Nails must be filed before applying polish so they can adhere properly. No, not just at the ends. However, the outermost layer is essential as well. By doing this, your nails will gradually thin and wear out. The polish needs to be soaked in acetone to be removed. After which, it was filed and scraped away.

Nails might suffer serious damage from this. However, safeguards exist to prevent nail damage. Before applying the gel, your nail technician should add a reinforcement layer. Your nail beds will be safeguarded. In addition, they will be protected from chipping and breaking. Your nail technician should also use nail oil and other cuticle care products. Nails and cuticles pulled back and cut will be better protected in this way.

Gel nail polish is not significantly more damaging than traditional nail polish. This is especially true if your nails are in poor condition and are prone to splitting and peeling. Gels have been shown to prevent damage to the nail plate. On the other hand, standard nail polish won't do that. And it's not the kind of injury that can't be repaired by simply growing out the affected area.

Does gel polish damage the nails?

It's safe to say that it shouldn't. When appropriately used, nail polish does not harm your nails when removed. You must consider that you all have somewhat varied nails; hence, you should all try it out for yourselves. If the user doesn't apply or remove the varnish correctly, it might lead to various unintended consequences, including differing perspectives.

How do nail salons remove gel polish?

A nail technician will use nail polish remover to prepare nails for removing gel polish. One that typically has acetone in it. Then the exposed nail beds will be concealed. Professionals will use tiny bits of foil for this. Alternatively, you might use specialized clips.

Nail polish remover dissolves the protective transparent coating. And the gel polish itself, too. This is a natural process, and the polish will fade with time. However, the nail technician will have to scrape the polish off your nails.

Typically, a scraper made for the purpose will be used. Comparable to the instrument used to push back your cuticles. However, this instrument will feature a hoop on one end rather than a spade-like end that is flat. This is an easy task that won't take long at all. Though, this is the most effective method for removing gel polish. Gel nail polish is too durable and thick to be removed with regular nail polish remover. Furthermore, your nail technician will likely be as careful as they can be with you.

To summarize: it is important to visit a specialized nail salon such as Bnails for the reasons stated above.