What is Polygel/ Bnails Healthy Gel?

Polygel is a combined of all the best products such liquid and powder acrylic with LED hard gel. Polygel can be used as an overlay or sculpt a full set of nail
How to remove polygel/ bnails healthy gel?

Polygel is hard and strong like acrylic nail. To remove polygel, we will have to soak in acetone
Is polygel/ Bnails healthy gel good?

Polygel is healthy and very good for your nails./ the product is gel base so there absolutely no damage to the nail bed
How long do polygel/ bnails healthy gel last?

Polygel is gel base so there will be no lift for every application. Due to this a set of polygel can last up to 4 weeks . want to give it a try?
How much do polygel/ bnails healthy gel cost?

A fullset of polygel with shellac : $50
A fill of polygel with shellac : $45
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