What are Dip Nails?

Dip Powders started as a safe, healthy alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish.  The smell, the time to apply, and the effects on the nails all left customers wanting more. Dip Powders have no odor monomer odor when applied, can be done in about a third to half the time as acrylics, and soak off easier than gel polish, leaving the nail healthy and beautiful after removal.

How many brand that made dip nails ?

SNS nails , Extreme+ nails, Kiara, Nexgent and so many more ……

Why are nail Dipping Powders so popular?

Compared to acrylics, Dip Powders are faster to apply and don’t have an odor.  They leave the nail bed healthy and undamaged.  Dip Powders are more durable than gel polish and just as durable as acrylics, and can come in any color, with glitters and other color effects. You can get same appearance as gel polish and also the perfect pink and white with same durability as acrylics. Dip powder can stay on natural nails for 8 weeks (providing if you want to let it grow out that long)

Why are Dipped nails Healthier?

Dip powder do not use any methacylates in the formulation. The liquid are based on Cyanoacrylate, which is similar to crazy glue or glue that is used in the hospital to seal a cut rather than getting stitches. Although, the hospital uses Octyl Cyanoacrylate and the nail industry uses Ethyl Cyanoacrylate because it is harder and more durable. People that are allergic to methacrylates can wear dip powder without any issue. Try it out sometimes that you know is allergic to traditional acrylics or gel polish.

What is the right way to do dip powder ? ( from the expert- step 1 is the most important part)

The process is very simple once you have the steps down, for a more detailed explanation about the application, please see our 18-minute video above. Here is how the process of a dip powder service that we follow at Bnails salon

Step #1 : Trim/remove cuticle, this is the most important part of any manicure in general but most of the time, our nail technicians usually forget or don’t even bother to do it. Trimming cuticle will make your nail look 100% prettier, your nails over all will look in shape and more important, this will give you 1 or 2 weeks more before you have to go back in to see your nail technician ( next time when you get your dip powder done, make sure your cuticle are done because you know the right way now. By the way, it should be no additional charge for this )

Step #2 : :  Remove any old dip powder, we do NOT recommend to get a fill with dip powder ( it is possible to fill dip powder) but if we break it down :
* a new set dip powder last you up to 4 weeks ( let’s say we keep them on 3 weeks here) : cost about $50+

* a fill on dip powder last only up up 3 weeks- we always have to use darker colors for a fill- require longer time to do a dip powder fill ( let’s say we keep them on 2 weeks here ) : cost about $45+

=>  if we get a new set of dip powder every 3 weeks ( 6 weeks/ 2 visits) will cost about : $100- $110 ( we can do whatever color we want)

=> if we get a fill every 2 weeks (6 weeks/3 visits) will cost about : $135 -$145 ( we can not always do the color we want for a fill)

Price Varies By Location. Please Call Nail salons Lubbock and Amarillo

3)    Apply Step#1 – Prep to all 10 fingers then

4)    Apply Step#2 – Probase to one finger then

5)    Dip finger into powder

6)    Apply Step#2 – Probase again

7)    Dip finger into powder again

8)    Repeat step #3 through #7 until all five fingers are done.

7)    Apply Step#3 – Activator to the all five fingers, make sure you get a generous amount on the nails and all the edges (including capping the front edges)

8)    Repeat step #3 through #8 for the second hand

9)    Use a fine grit file to hand file the surface of the nail, all the edges, and cuticle area. This product is very easy to file.

10)Wash both hands with only water – NO SOAP!

11)Dry both hands completely with a towel – water will affect adhesion of the Finish Gel.

12)Apply a thin layer of Step#3 – Activator to one hand, then wait about 30 seconds

13)Apply Step# 4 – Finish gel quickly to all five fingers

14)Apply second coat of Step#4 – Finish Gel to all five fingers again.

15)Repeat Steps #12 through #14 for the second hand.

16)Your nails should be dry to touch after one minute – apply cuticle oil to nail beds.

How to remove dipnails ?

To remove SNS Manicures, the first step is to sand off the shine of the Gel Top on all 10 nails. Next, you can either use foil with Acetone or soak the nails in Acetone for 10 minutes and then wipe them off with a paper towel.

Dip nails design ?



Dip nails/SNS nails cost ?

There are kits you can buy to do acrylic dip powder nails at home. I do not like the idea of this and caution you as this is a professional service and in my opinion, should be performed by licensed professionals. Yes, I know the at home kit may be only $15 and the service at your favorite nail salon may cost $35+ but please let the professionals serve you. It is not worth the risk of causing a mess and making your nails look awful just to save a few bucks.

Bnails Pricing for dip powder

Price Varies By Location. Please Call Nail salons Lubbock and Amarillo


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